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Accounting and Payroll Administration Jobs

Are you a numbers person? Tired of working at an unfulfilling job? The National Academy of Health and Business can help train you for challenging and rewarding accounting and payroll administration jobs.

These days, there are more and more federal and provincial legislative requirements and laws, and employers are increasingly counting on trained accounting and payroll administrators to handle payroll duties, remittances and benefits. The demand for experienced payroll administrators is therefore very high, and it will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Accounting and Payroll Duties

If you think accounting and payroll administration jobs are boring, consider that careers in this sector can involve:

  • Coordinating office administrative procedures
  • Delegating work and deadlines
  • Administering policies and procedures
  • Coordinating and planning office services
  • Preparing operating budgets and maintaining inventory
  • Preparing data, reports, manuals and correspondence
  • And More

Typical Wages for Accounting and Payroll Administration Jobs

As you can see, accounting and payroll administration jobs often come with a lot of responsibility. Fortunately, payroll administrators are also usually very well paid, with typical wages for accounting and payroll administration jobs ranging between $17 to $54 an hour.

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