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Pharmacy Technician Jobs

If you have strong interpersonal skills and think you would enjoy working as a team member, and with the public, then a Pharmacy Technician job may be right for you. A Pharmacy Technician career is dynamic and exciting, with opportunities growing in communities and pharmacy environments across Canada.

The demand for Pharmacy Technicians and its diverse job opportunities continues to grow, largely due to Canada’s aging population. In fact, according to Workopolis and Service Canada, Pharmacy Technicians are expected to be one of the highest demand careers in Canada. The Pharmacy Technician program at the National Academy of Health and Business is designed to prepare students for these tremendous career opportunities, training them to be qualified, knowledgeable and competent pharmacy technicians. Graduates will also be provided with job search assistance.

Pharmacy Technician Job Duties

The job duties of a Pharmacy Technician are varied and may involve many different aspects of retail, industrial or institutional pharmacy settings, including: assisting the pharmacist; inputting prescriptions; inventory management, and client management.

Pharmacy Technicians Aid Pharmacists in:

  • Prescriptions preparation
  • Medication management
  • Prescription pricing and filling
  • Maintaining patient profiles
  • And more

Pharmacy Technician Clerical Job Duties include:

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Letters and general filing
  • Data Entry
  • Communications
  • And more

Pharmacy Technician Inventory Management Job Duties Include:

  • Preparing and placing orders
  • Storeroom management
  • Maintaining and rotating stock
  • Inventory management
  • Identifying expired products
  • Medication pre-packaging
  • Delivery of medications
  • And more

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