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The Best of Both Worlds: Medical Office Assistants working within the Ontario Health Care Industry

January 20, 2017

Medical Office Assistant

If you have a desire to work within Ontario’s booming healthcare industry but have a passion for business, a career as a Medical Office Assistant could be the perfect balance.

Medical office assistants perform clerical work in doctors’ and hospital offices. It is their responsibility to keep all patient files organized and to maintain the front office. They file medical records and handle administrative duties, such as answering phones and scheduling appointments.

In addition to the business skills you will need to make a great Medical Assistant, this list of personal qualifications is a great checklist to help you determine whether or not earning your diploma as a Medical Office Assistant is the right move for you!

1. Great Communication Skills

You must learn to translate medical lingo into layman’s terms for the patient.

2. Outgoing Personality

You need to be proactive when meeting new people and interact professionally.

3. A Good Listener

Listening is essential in the healthcare industry. Throughout the day, you will need to listen to the needs and concerns of several patients, Doctors and Nurses.

4. Compassionate

When patients are experiencing pain, be there to comfort and support them.

5. Non-Judgmental

You must never gossip nor hold negative feelings towards those who practice a different lifestyle than you do. You are in this profession to heal, not judge.

6. Self-Controlled

Dealing with death and undesirable test results can be an emotional place. Self-control and a professional composure should be contained at all times.

7. Strong Organization Skills

Multitasking and efficient organization are key qualities for this position.

8. Adaptability

You need to be able to bounce back and forth between patients and admin tasks.

9. Problem Solving Skills

When a supervisor is unavailable, you may have to solve issues on your own.

10. Following Direction

There is no room to forget the instructions of doctors and nurses. They are trained professionals and you will learn more from working with such knowledgeable and educated individuals.

If a career as a Medical Office Assistant sounds like a good fit for you, find out more at or call one of our three campuses in Hamilton (905.521.9991), Toronto (416.545.0404) or Mississauga (905.273.6656) today!


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