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Earning a diploma in Business Administration is a smart move and the career opportunities are endless!

2017-07-28 by Mark Harrington


The Business Administration diploma program at National Academy will benefit you throughout the course of your career.  There are so many career opportunities available within the Ontario business sector and a Business Administration diploma can lead you into many well-paid and secure job positions.  Dependent on how hard you are willing to work, here are just a couple of the many career opportunities that await a Business Administration graduate:

Program Manager

Responsible for improving both team and business performance, a Program Manager oversees the operations of several related projects within a company. As a larger visionary leader, a Program Manager’s role is to focus on strategy and implement a series of smaller projects to achieve an overall business goal.

Suggested Pathway: Diploma of Business Administration > Entry Level Consultant > Program Coordinator > Program Manager / 
Program Manager average salary: $101,054

Office Manager

If you’re looking for a career that enables you to manage front of house operations for a range of small and large businesses, becoming an Office Manager may be the perfect choice for you.

Also known as Administrative Managers, Office Managers are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of administration activities within a company. Although the duties may vary depending on the size and type of business or industry, this role often revolves around maintaining an efficient support system. This may range from ordering and stocking office supplies, customer service engagement and overseeing administration officers under your supervision.

Suggested Pathway: Diploma of Business Administration > Administration Team > Office Manager
 > Office Manager average salary: $57,399.

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Want to Take Business Courses? Here Are a few Things to Know About “Big Data”

2017-02-01 by Mark Harrington

Big data word cloud

How organizations make decisions has changed dramatically over the years. While decades ago a lot of decisions were made based on gut instinct and shareholder preferences, in today’s world analytics and data play a crucial role in making business decisions.

Big data refers to huge sets of data that can be mined by computers to provide insights into businesses, trends, and behaviour. The concept of big data has become increasingly prevalent over the past several years. In fact, as much as 90 per cent of data was created in just the past two years alone.

Want to learn more about big data? Read on to discover the potential it holds for businesses.

The Potential Impact of Big Data Analysis for Businesses

Using big data to make decisions is like using a flashlight in the dark. It takes the guesswork out of making real-world business decisions that could directly impact the profitability and efficiency of a company. This is why most major companies today leverage big data in almost every aspect, from customer service, to marketing, to supply chain and logistics. In fact, according to Forbes, companies that integrate big data analytics into operations see a 10 per cent or more improvement in supply chain efficiency.

After you complete a supply chain and logistics diploma, you could see the implications of using big data in the real world. Big data is said to improve a company’s reaction time to issues regarding the supply chain by as much as 41 per cent! Useful data helps supply chain professionals anticipate issues before they happen and adapt to prevent the operation from going off course.

Using big data helps take the guesswork out of business decisions

Using big data helps take the guesswork out of business decisions

After Business Courses, You May Realize There Are Many Forms of Big Data

Big data can be found everywhere and anywhere, and no business is exempt. From small-scale mom and pop shops to multinational companies, every organization can leverage big data to add a boost to their operations.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations, big data can be found in transactions, social media, reviews, feedback, supply chain logistics, website analytics, and more. If after completing a business or supply chain training program you find yourself working for an SME, don’t forget that you can tap into external resources for useful big data if your company’s data is low. Many data companies sell relevant data like customer lists, buying habits, and internet search data that can help you analyze your customer base and make good business decisions.

Putting Big Data Into Action in Your Career After Business Courses

Businesses can miss opportunities to grow by failing to leverage big data. Big data contains useful insights about almost anything you could imagine. Customer buying habits, product demand, recruitment, trends, and more can all be analyzed and even predicted by using big data properly. For example, software and applications that track what your customers are saying online can provide invaluable insights into what’s working and what’s not. Companies that ignore this information while making crucial business decisions are missing out on having the most important opinion in the room, the customer’s.

Leveraging big data can improve profitability

Leveraging big data can improve profitability

Knowing how to “mine” big data is a big undertaking, but the process is scalable. If you find yourself working for a small business, you can start by monitoring social media and website traffic. For bigger companies, consider creating a budget to hire professionals who can mine useful data for insights. According to Forbes, when a typical Fortune 1000 company invests in big data and improves data accessibility by 10 per cent, they will see an additional payoff of an astounding $65 million.

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3 Ways a Business Diploma Will Contribute To Your Success

2016-01-20 by Mark Harrington

business courses

According to the latest results from Statistics Canada, the most studied field in the country “was ‘business, management, marketing and related support services.’”

Why? Because a business diploma is one of the most sure-fire ways to achieve career success. Read on to learn how a business diploma benefits grads, and how you can tap into your full potential by pursuing training in this rewarding field.

A Business Diploma Opens Up Many Opportunities

From a career in accounting to marketing, operations, human resources and even general business administration, there’s no denying that a business diploma can open up many doors. With a diploma in accounting and payroll administration, for example, you could work for a large firm as an accounting clerk, work in-house for a company, or perhaps set your own hours through freelancing.

Other options in business also offer flexibility. For instance, with an office administration diploma, you could work for a large company that has many branches all over the country, or in a small office with an intimate team.

In addition, the leadership, critical thinking, and teamwork skills you develop at business school, combined with the communication skills and software programs you’ll learn in your courses, can act as the perfect foundation for starting your own business.

No matter what your aspirations, a business diploma can help you achieve your career goals.

Business Training Helps Unlock Promotions

A business diploma also offers another key advantage: it helps unlock management positions. There are a few reasons for this. First, a higher education demonstrates discipline, hard work, and determination. It also shows that you’re committed to your career.

Students just at the start of their careers can unlock promotions later on by pursuing a diploma in business. How? As it turns out, many of the skills students develop in their business courses are exactly what employers look for when they’re considering promoting an employee.

A recent article by Forbes states that communication skills like “conflict negotiation, diplomacy, and business communication” are all essential to moving up to management positions.

business training

The communication skills you build at business college will help you impress co-workers and employers.

That’s why courses like Communication Essentials and Business Communications, for example, are an important part of your business education as well as your future success.

Graduates of Business School Are In Demand

Of course, tons of opportunities and room for advancement aren’t worth very much if you are unable to get your foot in the door. That’s why business training leads to in-demand careers.

According to Canada’s Job Bank, payroll clerks are in demand across almost the entire country. Office administrators are also in demand, with Service Canada rating employment prospects as “fair” across the country.

business diploma

Grads with business training are an important asset to any company.

It’s also worth noting that a higher education is a proven way to help professionals avoid unemployment. In a long term study done by Statistics Canada, it was discovered that “In 2009, 82% of the population in Canada with a college or university credential was employed, compared with 55% of people with less than high school education.” This means that even during tough economic times, diploma holders are more likely to stay employed.

Do you want to upgrade your career with a business diploma?

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