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2017-05-07 by Mark Harrington

There are so many great reasons to become a student at National Academy this summer! Beating the September rush is just one of them.

Start any of our diploma programs in May, June or July this year and receive a Summer Bonus.  See below or call us in Mississauga (905 273 6656), Hamilton (905 521 9991) or Toronto (416 545 0404) for details.

Government assistance (to those who qualify), pay as you go plans, guaranteed funding, and more funding options are available.

Did you know that National Academy is one of the most established Colleges in Canada?

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The Real Scoop: Career Colleges VS. Traditional Universities

2017-04-27 by Mark Harrington
Voted best career college

National Academy pf Health & Business. Voted best career college

Have you been asking yourself which college to attend?  Have you ever wondered about the real difference between a vocational (career) college and a traditional university? There are many points of reference available, but it really all comes down to one question.  WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS?

Five differences between vocational schools/career colleges and traditional universities

In general, career colleges teach you skills that you can apply to a specific vocation. Universities teach you theory, critical thinking and analysis in addition to some hands-on information.

Career college programs are shorter–usually less than one and up to two years–than programs at universities, which are a minimum of two to four years.

On average, entry level earnings are a bit higher for those who hold at least a bachelor’s degree as opposed to those with diplomas from career colleges. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2009 individuals with a bachelor’s degree had a median weekly income of $1,025, while those with an associate degree earned $761.

University tends to be more expensive than career colleges.

Graduates of career colleges usually are in an excellent position to land an entry-level position, while university graduates may have better access to higher-level jobs.


Career colleges are highly valuable, especially for those students who know exactly what profession they want to work in and don’t have the desire or time for theoretical academic work.

Career colleges are relatively short and offer employment opportunities in practical fields such as health care or technology. University is ideal for those students who want to immerse themselves in the academic life and whose goal is to enter the professional working life upon graduation.

The main issue to remember is that career colleges teach students a particular vocation or profession, while universities usually don’t.

For instance, having a university degree in business doesn’t make you a businessperson, while having a college diploma as a dental assistant DOES make you a dental assistant.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have a specific profession in mind?

If yes, does this profession require a university degree?

Are you interested in independent academic research, critical thinking and learning for its own sake?

Do you have the time and/or financial resources to attend a three or four year program?

Both universities and college diplomas offer solid educational opportunities and credentials that can prepare you for the job market.

The right choice depends on you and your career goals.

For more information on the programs available at National Academy, visit us today!  Be on your way to a successful career today!

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Celebrating 35 Years of Career College Excellence: The National Academy Difference

2014-10-20 by Mark Harrington

This past month, National Academy of Health and Business had the pleasure of celebrating its 35th anniversary as a Private Career College, becoming one of the oldest and most trusted career training schools in Ontario.  “The secret to our success, and most importantly, the success of our students, is The National Academy Difference”, explains Mark Harrington, President of National Academy.

The National Academy Difference is simple. Once you become a National Academy student, you become part of the NAHB family.   With a strict focus on high quality education and small class sizes, NAHB goes above and beyond to ensure that all students of the Academy feel welcome and appreciated.

The National Academy Difference

For 35 successful years, the college has consistently strived to provide:

  • High quality education, leading to a stable a rewarding career
  • Instructor-led training who all have real-world experience
  • Life time career service assistance for alumni
  • Unlimited upgrade training through the career of all graduates
  • Small class sizes under 20
  • Tutoring
  • Other free services such as: daycare assistance, accommodation assistance, health insurance, financial budgeting assistance, and much more

Understanding the importance of finances when it comes to education, National Academy stops at nothing to ensure that students are supported every step of the way.  Many financial options are available including:

  • Pay as you learn interest free payment plans
  • Government assistance, to those who qualify
  • Second career funding options, to those who qualify
  • Traditional bank loans
  • Guaranteed financing to partner institutions

The National Academy Difference has always been felt amongst our faculty, administration and students, but even more so at this memorable time.  As National Academy embarks on the next 35 years, we encourage you to visit our Facebook ( and YouTube accounts ( and see for yourself, the evidence and success of The National Academy Difference.

For more information, or to visit one of our three campuses in Mississauga, Hamilton or Toronto, please visit us or call 1.888.306.0991



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