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2016-02-10 by Mark Harrington

Intra Oral Dental Assistant Diploma

Adj: in·tra·oral \-ˈōr-əl, -ˈȯr-, -ˈär-\
Definition:  situated, occurring, or performed within the mouth

Intra oral dental assistants (also known as Level 1 & 2) assist dentists during the examination and treatment of patients and perform both clinical and administrative functions in general/family and cosmetic dentistry offices.

Are you personable, friendly and caring?  Do you want to help people?  A career as an Intra Oral Dental Assistant could be the perfect fit for you.  Many dental assistants are the first professional a patient interacts with during a trip to the dentist.  Often times it’s your demeanor and ability to make a client feel comfortable that influences whether or not a patient loves your dental practice and makes a repeat visit.

By getting your Intra Oral Dental Assistant Diploma you’ll get the academic learning and practical training you’ll need to successfully pass your licensing exam with the National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) – your final step in becoming a dental assistant. The NDAEB certificate is presently required for all new dental assisting graduates seeking registration/licensure.

After you’re licenced

Possible Practice environments include:

  • Private Practice – General Dentistry
  • Private Practice – Orthodontic
  • Private Practice – Prosthothodontic
  • Private Practice – Periodontic
  • Educational Facility – Teaching
  • Educational Facility – Clinical Assessment
  • Hospitals
  • Community / Public Health
  • Insurance Companies
  • Dental Supply Companies

Salaries and Common Career Paths

Average salary figures in this discipline range from $33,000 to $53,000 depending on experience, capabilities and tenure within the industry.  Individuals who excel in this area have the room to progress into positions with more responsibility and higher salaries.

Common Career Paths in Canada3

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