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2015-10-09 by Mark Harrington


Pharmacy Technicians: One of Canada’s highest demanded careers

2015-10-07 by Mark Harrington


As an established college, operating since 1979, two of the most common questions we receive are: “what program should I take” and “which careers in the highest demand”. It is our view that student should choose career based on their national interest, skills and passions.  If you choose a career you love and are good at, you will likely prosper.  However, there is one career path in particular that we feel is in significant demand: Pharmacy Technician.

All Healthcare professionals will remain in high demand

In 2014, 15% of the Canada’s population was over 65 years old.  According to StatsCan, this is expected to increase to a whopping 24% over the next twenty.  This trend towards a higher average age in Canada will lead to a higher demand for all healthcare professional such as Personal Support Workers, Dental Assistants, Physiotherapy Assistants, Medical Office Assistants, etc.

Pharmacy Technicians are expected to be the highest in demand

In particular, we expect Pharmacy Technicians to be the highest demand career. PTs should not only benefit from increased demand for all healthcare professionals but also a shortage of pharmacy technicians.  Currently, there are only 3,000 registered pharmacy technicians in Ontario; this compares to 10,000 potentials jobs (on average, 2.5 Pharmacy Technicians are required per pharmacy and there are 4,000 pharmacies in Ontario).  Performing a job search on any of the leading job search engines for ‘Pharmacy Technician’ will result in several job ads, demonstrating the demand for this career.  We expect this to only increase over time.  Please note that there is a very large different between Pharmacy Assistants and Pharmacy Technicians, namely: Pharmacy Assisting is an unregulated profession; Pharmacy Assistants cannot perform many of the duties performed by Pharmacy Technicians; and hourly wages for Pharmacy Assistants are usually much less.  Considering that the cost and duration of completing the Pharmacy Technician or Assistant program are very close, it is our option that anyone interested in this field should always pursue the Pharmacy Technician option.

Pharmacy Technicians earn more money

In 2010, Pharmacy Technicians became a regulated profession leading to greater responsibility such accepting verbal prescriptions over the phone, preparing and checking medications, etc.  In combination with a shortage of Pharmacy Technicians in Ontario, starting hourly rates can be as high as $20 compared with an unregulated pharmacy assistant role which earns $12-13 per hour.

Be Career Ready in Less Than a Year

Currently, there are only 5 colleges in the Greater Toronto Area that accredited and authorized to offer the Pharmacy Technician program.  One of the leading colleges is National Academy of Health & Business whose program in less than 10 months.  National Academy offers several financing options, including Government Assistant to those who qualify.

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