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Great News for current and future Supply Chain & Logistics Diploma Students at National Academy

2017-10-18 by Mark Harrington

Supple chain diploma mississauga


We are proud to announce that we have signed another placement/co-op agreement for our Supply Chain & Logistics Diploma Students. Adding again to our list of career co-op providers who not only provide training to our students, but who also hire them long-term.

As one of Canada’s leading career colleges, recently voted best career college in Ontario by View magazine, we constantly strive to achieve the best results for our students. Securing high quality co-op experiences for our students not only guarantees a life-long learning experience, it very often results in life-long careers with the same organization.

Legacy Supply Chain Services specializes in full-service solutions designed to adapt quickly to the demands of any business and the ever-changing economic landscape. Legacy is supported by a team of 2,700 professionals with years of experience designing, building and implementing high-performing supply chain and logistics solutions.

Our Supply Chain & Logistics Diploma is offered at the following campuses:

Supply Chain & Logistics Diploma Toronto: 416 545 0404
Supply Chain & Logistics Diploma Mississauga: 905 273 6656
Supply Chain & Logistics Diploma Hamilton: 905 521 9991

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5 Reasons You Should Consider a Rewarding Career in Logistics

2017-04-23 by Mark Harrington


In our globalized world, supply chain management and logistics play a larger role than ever before. Hundreds of thousands of individuals across Canada make sure that grocery stores stay stocked, medical supplies are delivered on time, and that businesses ship their products and receive the materials they need to stay operational. Professionals working in logistics oversee the transportation and storage of a wide range of goods. They track and audit shipments to make sure that the right products make it to the right customers, coordinate with third-party carriers, make loading plans, manage fleets, and come up with creative solutions to unexpected situations.

Logistics play a huge role in almost every aspect of government, private industry, non-profit and disaster relief both in Canada and around the world.

To find out why many people are turning to logistics for satisfying careers, consider these five key benefits:

Opportunities in Logistics are Expanding

In Canada, logistics accounted for nearly 820,400 jobs in 2014, and over the next few years that number is expected to grow. Every year, close to 14,000 new jobs are added to the supply chain and logistics sector. Expanding global trade is driving an even greater need for professionals with supply chain and logistics diplomas, while retiring workers means that positions at all levels of supply chain management have openings for eager professionals to fill.

Logistics Professionals Have Plenty of Room for Advancement

Graduates from supply chain management programs will be happy to know that room for advancement in logistics is abundant. Companies tend to promote from within, and hard work and dedication are often rewarded, meaning that driven entry-level employees have plentiful chances to earn promotions throughout the course of their careers.

Salaries are High in Logistics

The importance of the supply chain and logistics sector is reflected by the salaries of the employees that work in the field. In Canada, average supply chain management salaries run at approximately $74,000. Entry level positions in logistics start at roughly $40,000 and top level directors with years of experience can earn over $100,000.

Logistics Offers Plenty of Variety and Flexibility

Professionals who received their supply chain management training in Ontario can choose whether to stay and work in their province or city. They can also choose to find work almost anywhere in the country and around the world. Because so many different businesses and non-profits need employees with training in logistics, recent graduates and mature professionals can have their pick of locations from which to work.

New Technology Makes Logistics an Ever-Changing Field

New technology helps increase cost and efficiency in logistics. Professionals in the field get to stay up-to-date on latest trends in the industry, and the nature of the job means that you are always learning. Part of why careers in logistics are so rewarding is because they offer the opportunity for professionals to develop and implement new plans that generate positive results for the companies, governments, or non-profits they work for. Logistics professionals continue to learn and develop their skills, and generate creative solutions that are both challenging and rewarding.

What motivates you the most to pursue a diploma in supply chain and logistics?

Top Five Reasons To Consider A Career in Supply Chain & Logistics (and it’s not just about the money)

2016-01-21 by Mark Harrington

By: Lianna Harrington

Supply Chain and Logistics allows our world to connect while bringing everything together. Have you ever wondered about the process used to make the screen you’re reading this from?  Without some sort of supply chain management, such technological advancements would be impossible; as would pretty much every other material thing you possess.

Supply Chain and Logistics is an industry that encompasses every effort involved in producing and delivering a final product or service.  From the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer, being involved in this process is ensuring that the retail world economy keeps moving.

If we’ve caught your attention, keep reading for more great reasons National Academy recommends pursuing a career in this fast-paced industry!

A Fast-Growing Industry

Supply Chain and Logistics

There are more supply chain jobs than ever before due to a constantly expanding global connection! New and diverse opportunities are always arising and many employers are expecting the headcount to increase. The availability of jobs in the Supply Chain and Logistics sector span over a wide variety of industries and departments!  At the end of the day, you could be working within manufacturing, retail, engineering, energy, healthcare, public sector and many others.  In a nutshell, there is something for everyone.  More jobs, more diversity and more choice means you can get exactly what you want from your career.  Sounds good, right?

Increasing Benefits

Supply Chain and Logistics careersDid you know that Supply Chain and Logistics positions come with highly attractive salaries?  The average entry-level income for a Supply Chain Professional is $42,000 per year with a huge potential to rise above $100,000 in higher-level positions!  Not only are the salaries high, so is Job Satisfaction!  Whether you are looking for a career with room to grow, climb, travel or simply earn a solid income, Supply Chain and Logistics careers are proving to be well enjoyed throughout the industry.

Diverse Requirements

Supply Chain and Logistics courses

It’s true!  While the Supply Chain and Logistics industry was once limited to warehousing and distribution, global connections have allowed for an abundance of roles to exist across all levels and specialties.  The fact that Supply Chain and Logistics is a relatively new industry means that a great deal of industry requirements are taught by actual training providers, meaning more companies are more than happy to pay higher salaries for employees with this type of training.  That’s not to say that experience isn’t required, but the point is that the job requirements are usually open to those with the desire and education to work in this field.  Most colleges like National Academy will only grant a diploma in this field after students complete a hands-on placement so that they graduate with real-life experience on their resumes.  If you have the desire to learn and the capacity to put your learning to practice, you have everything you need to excel in this industry.

Career Growth

Supply Chain and Logistics jobsMost people are looking for a career that will allow them to learn and grow as employees and individuals.  The Supply Chain and Logistics industry offers many opportunities for career advancement and can almost guarantee that you won’t stay in the same role unless you want to. Since many employers look for people who have or are willing to develop their skills through various courses, Supply Chain jobs offer a significant upward movement. The structured levels offer opportunities to advance for those who apply themselves and are willing to put in the hard work.  Furthermore, the multi-faceted supply chain industry can give you the opportunity for personal and professional development since you will be likely to gain experience within the many sectors of Supply Chain and Logistics.  With your transferable skills growing quickly, this truly amazing industry will allow you to be as successful as you want to be!

Gender Equality: Everyone Welcome

Supply Chain Logistics

If you have been reading this article, you will already know that the Supply Chain and Logistics industry is no longer limited to working in warehouses and lifting using heavy machinery.  Current trends show major signs of change and employers are realizing that the Supply Chain industry is better suited to employees of all backgrounds and qualities.  Don’t underestimate the value of soft skills such as collaboration, creativity and problem solving – all of which are in increasingly high demand!


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