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End the Trend: Dental Assistant Training vs. “DIY Dentistry”

November 11, 2015

Dental assistant school

There are tons of “Do It Yourself” projects that the average person can take up successfully with very little time and effort. Home renovations, car repairs, and homemade fashion are a few examples that have become such big DIY trends that you can even find shows on most cable networks that act as step-by-step guides. Experts from all around the world agree that one of the latest trends – do-it-yourself dentistry – is something that will cause a lot more harm than good.

Home teeth whitening has been popular for ages, but there are an increasing number of YouTube videos instructing users on how to perform more complicated dental procedures at home. Dental kits are available online and even in grocery stores, offering consumers a cheaper way to repair cavities, fix chipped teeth, and even straighten their smile.

If you’re considering a career as a dental assistant, read on to learn more about the most popular forms of DIY dentistry that people are using in hopes to save a few bucks, any why visiting the dentist’s office is always the safer option.

Dental Assistant School Grads Know Not to Buy Teeth Straightening Kits Online

DIY braces have become a recent trend, and the most popular method has been placing a rubber band around teeth in an attempt to move them together. Doing this might move teeth, but dental assistant school grads know that it can also cause a number of serious oral complications.

“There’s a common misconception in the general public that braces are simple — you push on the tooth and it moves where you want it,” states Jeffery Iverson, D.D.S., M.S., an assistant professor at the University of Utah School of Dentistry. “Orthodontics is very complex. Human physiology, occlusion, biomechanics, craniofacial growth and development, tooth size, shape and morphology, as well as the patient’s overall lifelong dental health, must be taken into consideration.”

Dental Assistant School Grads Stay Away from Filling Kits

Dental assistant training

Another popular DIY dentistry trend are filling kits. Filling kits are used to repair lost fillings, caps or crowns in order to avoid having to pay for such work at the dentist’s office. Filling kits are available for purchase online, and are even sold in grocery stores and dollar stores in some parts of the world. There are several ways that DIY dental filling can go wrong.

Dental assistant training will teach you how to select and properly mix filling compounds based on a variety of factors, including tooth colour, density, and more. There is no universal filling type that works for just any dental issue, and these DIY kits are certainly not a quick-fix for just any dental problem.

When a patient comes into the dental office to get a cavity fixed, the dentist first has to drill away any decay that may be present and then take extra care to clean away any bacteria. Simply putting a store-bought compound over a cavity doesn’t stop tooth decay, which will continue to get worse over time. When people try and save a few bucks by doing their own fillings, they can actually cause complications that will be two to three times more expensive to fix.

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